Hello , I ‘m Stacey , a mum of one little princess, Beauty Lover , foodie and big time dreamer. I qualified in Beauty in 2016 and while I was studying I came across a free opportunity to do what I loved. Test of products and share them with friends a family. My business slowly grew and I started reaching out to people I had never meet before. I guess that’s when it clicked… there is a whole word out there… the world is my oyster.. This was some while ago and I lost and found my way but I’m still standing and growing bigger than ever. I wasn’t the most positive person in the world but this free opportunity that has turned into my home business has opened my eyes to so much more. how positivity can impact and make changes in our lives. How we treat one another and help pick each other up that’s makes all the difference. Making dreams into Plans and putting them plans out into the universe that can impact your life.  Failing to plan is Planning to Fail and I guess that’s where I struggled but I feel now I have a purpose. That I am able to accomplish my dreams. So I am putting all them plans out there and sharing my journey along the way. While trying New Things, Building my Business and reviewing loads of products of course.

Thank You and Hope you Enjoy


Stay Beautiful

Stay Beautiful Ladies