Face Lift in a Bottle

Would you like a face lift??
But realistically it costs way to much and all that pain??
What if I shows you an alternative way to get some instant results. So let’s see what this is all about. I have seen some amazing results with this product so its time to see what I think. Although I am Only 25, Yes i say Only lol I do have some dreaded wrinkles that need taking care of so this product is right up my ally. You should always have a skin routine that matches your ever changing skin type and that is why it is best to see a professionally to determine your skin type regularly and allow your skin to receive its needs, But i feel its never to early to get your skin ready for aging and being prepared. We all don’t have loads of money to throw and products to finding in your price range is also Important. When i first seen this product i knew i had to try i and i think for what the product claims to do its reasonable priced. So what product am i taking about.
Its a Face Lift in a bottle.
Well two bottles..

One Bottle is the Face lift Powder and the Second is the Face Lift Activator. Both products are sold together as a set for €60 or they can also be purchases separately. All you need is a bowl, a brush and a tea spoon. Cleanse your face first and make sure there is no make up present and nothing blocking her pores. Using the tea spoon measure out one of each , so one tea spoon of powder and one tea spoon of activator. mix together and its ready to apply. Using upward strokes working on your more problem areas eg, chin and forehead are mine. This product feels almost like a glue tightening my skin as i apply.I am apply on just one side of my face to see can i see any difference. It can also be used on your neck, hands or where ever on the body you would like.

When I have finished applying you just leave it to do the work for 1 hour. So if you have a book you want to catch up on and maby paint your nails you can take some me time and relax. I can feel the face tightening and the product is Harding on my face. It is in no way uncomfortable but it makes me want to laugh. I think its because i know i shouldn’t. Just can’t help myself…. Serious face….

After 1 hour the product is ready to be removed. You can see the shin from the product of my face and it is tight. When completely dry its hard to talk. I can already see a difference with my Eyebrow and my jaw bone looks more defined. Time to remove and see my results. Just simple wash off until all the product is removed. It can get slightly sticky as it gets wet but removes all the same. I then pat my face dry and apply my moisturizer.

And WOW.. After just one hour and my first use I can see and instant result. My Eyebrow has raised, the lines around my eyes have gone, my Chin and jaw bone feel more defined and tighter but not only have i got amazing results my skin feels amazing. Its soft to touch and feels renewed. I defiantly recommend this product if you are looking for instant results. It was easy to mix and apply and wasn’t much work at all and completely pain free.

It can be used 2-3 times per week and results last 48-72 hours.
For any more Information on this Product Fell Free to Contact Me.

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Stay Beautiful


Cleaning your Make Up Brushes

Need a quick and effective way to clean your make up brushes. Well look no further.. I have found just what we all need. A complete multi purpose product you can use daily. Now that’s what I’m talking about. That’s what i call value for money. So before i go into all the amazing thing this products can do I will start with my make up brushes. I have used any different Brush cleaners and most of them have been quite good and do work effectively but when i first got this product it was for my skin but i decided to try it out on my make up brushes as i seen how it removes my make up and tan off pretty easily. I first used this over a year ago on my brushes and i have been using it ever scene. I use to dread cleaning my brushes all together and would always give them a clean when i use them anyway so they never really build up. But to put my product to the test i have not cleaned my brushes for over a week and they have all types of brands and products on them

I do use a range of different brushes and i wanted to show you how this product can be used on them all. The brushes i am cleaning today are Blank Canvas, Crown , Bobby Brown, Fushia, P.S (Pennys), a set from Ebay with no brand on them and Beauties Factory. All in different price ranges and quality.

So lets get Started… I find doing this at the sink the easiest and easy to clean up after. All you need is some water and the Epoch Polishing Bar which is also Soap Free. Simple dampen your brush and working up and down on the polishing bar. You will Instantly see the make up melting off your bushes. It doesn’t take long for it to all be removed, I keep going until the my brush runs clear and there is no make up present. Then give them a final rinse off. TaDa your brush and Clean. It is really that simple.

All lined up and ready ready to dry. Can you see how clean they are? It is important to keep your are make up brushes clean, not just for your make up to look flawless but to remove and bacteria build up and prevent any cross infections. It is a must to Clean your Make up brushes and sponges.. Yes this can also be used on our beauty blenders , just use the same way.

Now my Bushes have got there treatment and there looking fresh and smelling beautiful.
I am delighted on how clean my brushes. When dry i do my finally test just wiping my brushes on tissue and i place them back in there place. No make up is present on the the tissue. All done now so its time to treat myself. Maby a full body exfoliation with the same product??
If you would like any more information about any products that have used or questions on how to use the Epoch Polishing Bar feel free to contact me.

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Stay Beautiful

Self Believe

So It’s been a while since I have been on.
I felt like i had so much going on i didn’t know what to do. But was this just the doubt in the back of my head coming back in.
I have spent a lot of time working on myself and working on getting myself on the right track. But again i get sucked back into that doubt. And i need to let it go. Sometimes we really are our worst enemy and our thoughts can seem to much to handle.
But It’s time to let go and do what makes me happy. To forget about whats going on around me and focus on whats in front of me and not around me. We can control our own destiny and not anyone else.
I have always wanted to start a Blog. I regularly set a blog up and delete it as i never felt confidant enough to actually publish it so why stop now.
I still have that self doubt and i need to let it go.
I recently turned 25 and i thought i would have it all figured out and I’m still figuring it out. I am still finding myself and letting go of all that holds me back.
It isn’t the smoothest journey but I am finding out more things about my self the more i push myself out of my comfort zone. We are all capable of doing what ever makes us happy. we just need to pursue our dreams. The more i learn about self development i released how much our mind really controls. We need to believe in ourselves. Be proud of you. What we out out to the universe is what we receive.
While pushing myself of of my comfort zone, I just cant explain the feeling.
I just want to explode every time. Getting my Business Up and Running hasn’t been the easiest process but i finally feel ready to take on the world.
I pulled an amazing meeting out of the bag and I am so excited with whats coming next. I ran a 5km muck run which i could have never done last year. I am finally comfortable with holding conversation which might seem easy to some people but not me.. Everyday is a work in progress and feeling excited to see what i can accomplish in the future. I look forward to becoming a better person.
We can accomplish our dreams . We can do it all. We are Strong. We are Worthy

Always stay positive
With self believe you can achieve anything
Until Next Time ,
Stacey xx


I have recently reflected on my life, who i was and what i was doing. I was just following along not sure what i was doing or what i wanted to do. I was just a small town girl with not much opportunity’s , not that i was even sure what i wanted. I finished school and intended to go to collage and study beauty, But i didn’t. I thought of ways i could make money, but didn’t try anything. I just had no motivation to do anything.I just wanted to blend in. What ever that meant.

I studied Hair dressing but never finished it out. I done computer courses but it wasn’t for me.I just wasn’t sure what was for me.
I then had my little girl and my whole world changed. I had a person that will depend on me for everything. I needed to change and find out what was out there.
I then finally decided to go back to collage and get my beauty qualifications.
And thankfully i did.

It was during this time i came across a post on Facebook about this girl that started her own business and it was incredibly well. So i said to myself ill have a look at this. So i did. I looked into different people that were involved in the same business and what the business had to offer.

I then came across a profile that really stood out to me. A bright haired make up artiest that looked beautiful, confident and positive so i gave her a message.
Best decision ever. After a quick briefing about the business we arranged a meeting and boom it all begin. I found what was mine. I can do this and have it all.
Just Listing to a to read tiny girl with so much confidence and certainty about her business and what everyone can achieved.I can remember looking at her bright blue hair and bright smile thinking it’s okay to stand out. It’s okay to be who you want to be. Following your dreams and getting to where you want to be is all that matters. Be you and do your best.

Throughout my Journey and still today i am discovering who i am and what i am capable of. Reflection on all i have done so far and what i want to improve on in the future. I am still Facing fears daily. I am in now way the most confidant person and for a long time i would have rather hide in a corner that talk about my business. I could have never imagined myself standing up in front of 50people and giving my story even if it only took two minutes. Meeting so many incredible Ladies that support each other. I have never meet these ladies but just like that everyone clicked and shared a common goal . Doing a video for my stay beautiful group absolutist scared the **** out of me, now I’m just nervous but its an improvement. It’s all about little steps. Stepping out of your comfort zone and feeling proud of yourself for doing it.

I never realized how negative i was. I didn’t even think about stuff like that. It again wasn’t until i was introduced into the world of Positive mind set and i was recommend to read the secret. As i started using positive thoughts and quotes daily that i actually started feeling better. This Positive mind set stuff actually works and i could feel benefits for myself. Now don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen over night and i still have negative thoughts there just getting less and less and it feels great. Being Grateful for all the little things in our lives and them little graduates build up.

I have learned and embraced so much from this opportunity and i am so grateful for all i have learned and how it has impacted my life and makes me feel empowered that i can have it all. We all can
Know matter what your dream is go for it.
Life is to short to sit back and let it pass
There is always a way
You just need to fight for it
Thank You Hayley for Inspiring me to be better. Showing my how i can improve as a person and sharing that with the world.
You have impacted my life and only wish i have that same impact with others

Thank You
Stacey xxx
Stay Beautiful
Stay Beautiful Ladies

Mud Mask VS Blemish Mud mask

Today i have tested out two products, our product the Epoch Mud Mask to compare with the Blemish Mud mask .Epoch mud mask has many benefits and is most commonly used to aid in black head removal and both masks claim to have common benefits.

Application – After cleansing my skin i applied the Epoch Mud Mask to the right side of my face. Using a mask brush i apply the mask evenly over the skin. I then applied the blemish mud to the left side of my face with the same techniques and wait to dry. Both Masks claim to dry within twenty minutes so it was time for me to relax.. The epoch mud mask is slightly thinner than the shop bought and i found the epoch mask was easier to apply as it slides across my skin, the shop brand was a slightly thicker and dragged my skin when applying.

I can feel both sides of my face tightening up as the mask begins to dry. after 15 minutes the epoch mud mask (Right) is completely dry and i can see the impurities being pushed up through my pores and rising to the top . These are seen as little dark dots on the skin. At this time my left side is still drying so i leave for a further 5 minutes. 10 Minutes later my left side is still not fully dry, it has tightened but i cannot viable see any impurities on the skin, the product just seems to be sitting on my skin.
Removal – I found the Epoch mask was a lot easier for removal as it washes straight off with some warm water and Ta-Da its gone. With the Shop brand i Found it went into a glue consistency on my skin and took a few minutes to remove as i had to keep adding more water a scrub it off.
After my skin feels… well different on both sides. on my right (Epoch mud mask) my skin feels smooth and clean. on my left, well it feels smooth but nothing out of the ordinary.
Overall I Prefer the Epoch Mud mask. Why?? well i have so many reasons
⦁ Application is smoother on the skin
⦁ Faster Drying Time
⦁ Visible results
⦁ Easy Removal
⦁ leaves skin feeling clean, smooth and fresh
Not only can the Epoch Mud Mask be used for Blackheads it has so many other uses such as ingrown hairs, verrucas, cold sores and stretch marks and can be used all over the body. You can even pop some into your bath to have a home mud bath and treat you whole body. I have Sensitive skin and I in no way found this too aggressive on my skin. This is defiantly a product you want to have in your house. If you would like anymore information or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Stay Beautiful Ladies

Stay Beautiful Product Review

Hello 🙂 Thank you for checking in today.
I wanted to compare some masks for sensitive skin. I have a combination skin type with sensitive being my main concern and oily being my other. My cheeks are almost contently red and my skin gets really dry really fast..I have tried loads products. I am the girl that buys a mix of everything and use nothing. Could try it and never see it again. It wasn’t until a studied beauty that i really understood the skin and what it needs. I just bought products because they looked good or had a nice bottle and never worried about a skin type. And if it was on offer it was mine. I soon learned that it isn’t the way to go and it was important to have a product that actually improved my skin and give it what it needs. After all everyone’s skin is different. I have cleaned out my product press and am going through all the products i hardly used.. there is a lot.. So when i found these products i was in collage and they really stood out to me.I then took the opportunity to work with them and will never go back to another product. I want to share my views on the products and give you my honest option.

I am starting with the NU Skin Creamy Hydration mask and the Avon Soothing Mask.
The first main difference is the texture of the two products. The creamy hydration mask was light and creamy and glided like silk across my skin. I then applied the soothing mask. This one is a lot thicker in texture and i found it hard to spread along my skin. I use a face mask brush to apply all my face masks but i found it hard to apply with it more pulling the skin so i found myself dabbing the mask to apply.
After application my face felt cooler but more so on my right side and after a couple of minutes my left side of my face started to tightening up.
Removal time..With the Soothing Facial Mask it was a peel off mask. I began to peel but found it very difficult to go over my cheek as it quite sensitive and pulling my skin. It also didn’t all peel together, it kept breaking off which i find annoying because it just wastes time. With the creamy hydration mask you just rinse off with water and is defiantly the easy and time efficient option.
Over all i defiantly prefer the creamy hydration mask. It insanity cooled my skin and after removal my skin feels super soft and hydrated. Even after a couple of hours my skin still feels cool and not it’s usually red self.  My skin did also feel soft with the soothing facial mask but i found it too harsh on my cheeks and am not personally a fan of the peel of masks. They just seem to burn my cheeks.

Thanks for Reading

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact

Talk Soon

Stacey xox

Stay Beautiful

Stay beautiful Ladies